1. Remove seal on back of package and remove NatraGel product.
  2. Apply product to desired area of body for 15-30 minutes.
  3. If product is reusable, rinse product off with water after use. (If not, discard)
  4. Place product back in molded case or enclosed plastic bag and store in refrigerator. (Do not freeze). Product will dry out if let uncovered.
  5. Discard when gel starts to fray and/or disintegrate.
  6. For specific instructions on an individual product, please refer to the product label.

For individual use only. Do not apply to open wounds. Exercise caution when using around the eye area - avoid direct contact with eyeball. Increased skin sensitivity may occur when used with high intensity serums and prescriptions. If irritation or complications occurs, discontinue use. Non-toxic – Keep out of reach of children.