What is a dermal delivery system?
A dermal delivery system is a release of additives/nutrients to the epidermal layer of the skin. In the case of NatraGel, the dermal delivery system is formed by the flow of nutrients inside of the hydrogel matrix onto skin.

What is a hydrogel?
Hydrogels are water-swollen networks of water-soluble polymers.

Why does it feel so cold? Is it always cold?
The exposure to the air is what makes NatraGel so cold, it is the evaporation of water that causes this. When the product is placed on the skin, within five to ten minutes, it will pick up the body temperature.

Will the active ingredients run out after several applications?
NatraGel is manufactured with active ingredients in the gel matrix – because of this; these ingredients will generally last for the life of the product.

Will my skin still benefit from increase hydration when using the standard formulation of NatraGel?
Yes, NatraGel is made up of primarily water and is designed to hydrate the skin in both the standard and enriched formulations.

What makes NatraGel take its gel form?
Hydrogels by definition are an aqueous three-dimensional matrix such as NatraGel.

I have sensitive skin, is NatraGel going to irritate my skin?

Extensive skin sensitivity tests have been conducted, and confirm that NatraGel is considered a “non-primary irritant” to the skin. NatraGel hydrogels have furthermore been the subject of rigorous safety and efficacy evaluations. As with any skincare product, exercise caution when using – if any redness or irritation occur, discontinue use.

Is NatraGel hypoallergenic?

What do you mean by single patient reuse only?
This means that one person can use the product, but they can use it several times. It cannot be washed and used by another person.

Can I also use NatraGel for hot therapy?

Where can I find NatraGel products?
NatraGel products are sold through professional channels such as spas and doctors office. If they currently do not carry the NatraGel product line, ask them to inquire about purchasing NatraGel products. For further information on our global distribution network, click here.

What is the difference between the eye mask, eye discs and oval eye pads?

Molded Reversible Eye Disc - this product is anatomically shaped to fit conform in two ways, towards the eye socket, and when reversed around the outside of the eye.

Molded Eye Rejuvenation Mask - This product conforms to the upper lid and the bottom socket of the eye, leaving clearance for the eyeball. Also a heavier product, with a larger total coverage area.

Oval Eye Pad - This disposable product is designed to be lightweight, so it can be used after eye surgery.

Will I be able to see and feel a difference on my skin after one application?
Yes, after one application you will see and feel a difference on your skin.

Can I leave NatraGel on my skin longer than 30 minutes?
Yes, however exercise caution when using for an extended period of time.