Just a small sampling of what they are
saying about NatraGel in the news and media:

American Spa (Jan. 2003)
Featured in the InTouch product section "NatraGel is an innovative hydrogel anti-aging system that provides a controlled method of delivering botanicals, vitamins and serums."

Cosmetic Dermatology (Aug. 2004)
"Pads Designed for Use with Cosmetic Injections... a hydrogel dermal delivery system designed to calm and soothe treatment areas before and reduce puffiness and swelling after botillium toxin and soft tissue filler injections."

Cosmetic Surgery Times (Jan./Feb. 2003)
Featured in the New Products & Services section
"Water Soluble Polymers in a 2-Stage Dermal Delivery System... In the first stage, when applied to the skin there is immediate cooling. The second stage occurs as the body temperature warms up NatraGel, allowing a release of aloe vera, green tea and chamomile."

DaySpa (Aug. 2004)
Featuring the NatraGel Hydrating Eye Swirls on the 'In Display' section "...help to deliver a cooling sensation to tired eyes."

DaySpa (Jul. 2004)
"More, Better Botox... If you offer Botox and Restylane therapies in your spa, you're probably looking for ways to make the treatments more pleasant and effective. Another presentation at the AAD meeting introduced research on applying a NatraGel mask over the numbing cream before injections. The mask was shown to increase the anesthetic effect of the cream and relax the patient, creating a more pleasant treatment."

Dermascope (Mar. 2004)
Featured in article New Beginnings
"Therapies with ablative lasers are non-invasive in the sense that no incisions or cutting is performed, but these procedures do require healing time... [after non ablative lasers] typically patients face have red blotches following this treatment. An application of a cooling [NatraGel] mask is applied by the esthetician decreasing the erythema quickly."

Global Cosmetics Industry (Dec. 2003)
Featured in article The Human as a Hydrogel
"The human hydrogel, skeleton aside is not very different in concept from some cosmetic products. One recent innovation in hydrogels is NatraGel, produced by Gel Concepts. Polysaccharides gel an aqueous system into a molded form that can slowly release actives on the skin while providing a cooling effect."

MedicalSpas (Mar./Apr. 2003)
"Long before high potency pharmaceuticals came on the scene, natural plants and herbs were used to slow down Mother Nature's time clock... Fast forward to the 21st Century and imagine a technology that provides natural serums and a wrap technology in one effective delivery system. NatraGel is an innovative hydrogel wrap and serum delivery system all in one."

Ophthalmology Times (Sept. 1, 2004)
"Gel Improves Tolerance of Injection Therapies... As the popularity of noninvasive therapies for facial rejuvenation continues to expand, doctors will search for not only additional therapeutic modalities, but also techniques that lessen associated discomfort and make the experience more pleasant. The recent introduction of NatraGel peppermint-infused herbal gel mask has result in a quantum leap in patient comfort..."

Plastic Surgery Products (Product Spotlight: Feb. 2004)
"Pre/Post Filler Pads by NatraGel are thin hydrogel pads which provide comfort and aid to patients before and after Botox and filler injections"

(Sept./Oct. 2004)
"All in Favor... Say Eye - When eyes are at their puffiest, Gel Concepts come to the rescue with its new NatraGel Hydrating Eye Swirls... Perfect for a relaxing treatment after a facial."

Renew (Sept./Oct. 2004)
"Before and after Botox... NatraGel Filler Pads with essential oils help calm treated areas before and after injection"

Salud Esthética (Dec. 2003)
The leading professional publication on Esthetic Medicine in Spain - entire feature article on NatraGel and the dermal delivery system.

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