Gel Concepts Announces New Product:NatraGel™

April 09, 2002…Gel Concepts has announced the launch of NatraGel, an innovative hydrogel dermal delivery system. Appealing to anesticians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmeticians. NatraGels are all natural and provide a controlled method of delivering botanicals and vitamins to the skin that is speedy, efficient and sanitary.

NatraGels have passed lab-based skin sensitivity tests, are hypoallergenic and gamma irradiated. Simple to use, they need only be removed from the package and placed on the effected area. The first stage of relief is cooling to the skin. The second stage occurs when body heat helps activates the ingredients which are then released through the permeable membrane to rehydrate, soothe and treat the skin. Select NatraGels can be re-used; all are fully biodegradable.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes including eye discs and face masks, NatraGels eliminate tedious and messy applications. Similar in concept to hydrogels that deliver a substance to the skin, NatraGels are swollen networks of water-soluble matrix that "bleed" their contents onto the skin.

The dual properties of NatraGel™ exhibit both liquid like and solid like properties consisting of biodegradable polymers. This consistency makes NatraGel™ biocompatible with many water based active ingredients making them an excellent controlled delivery system. Standard and Enriched formulations are available, created from many different botanicals with key active ingredients such as Green Tea, Vitamins C, E, and Aloe Vera; custom blends can also be created.

Gel Concepts is a state-of-the-art technological pioneer specializing in biodegradable aqueous gels having hydrophilic properties. NatraGels are available through clinicians and can be purchased directly online. The price range is $12 to $28 depending on the product being selected.Contact
Gel Concepts at (973) 884-8995 or visit their website,

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