Pre/Post Filler Pads

Packaged 6 per box

N124f - Forehead Pad
N125f - Mouth Pad
N126f - Peri-Orbital Pad

NatraGel Filler Pads with essential oils are to be used before and after a filler/Botox® treatment. The pad will help calm the skin before injection, and help to reduce puffiness after the treatment. Pre/Post Filler Pads are easy to use, comforting and aid in getting the patient back to their busy lives.  

Simply apply the filler pad to appropriate facial area 10 minutes before injection. For added cooling, place filler pad into the refrigerator 30 minutes before application. After injection apply same filler pad for an additional 10-15 minutes. Available in specific shapes for the forehead, mouth and peri-orbital areas.